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Lembang Holiday Villas

Why do you choose our villa? Our villa is located in lembang and it is close to most famous holiday destinations,traditional restaurants and modern restaurants in lembang. Also, it is close to minimarkets,supermarkets and traditional markets. It has a bold eco retreat concept with very fresh mountain air, A Great villa fresh air circulation systems. Those are helping to rejuvenate your BODY,SPIRIT and MIND. CRUISY VIBES is the highlight of our villa that enable you feel more relaxing and enjoying your stay. This cruisy vibes supported also by great architectural,interior andexterior designs,nice layout settings,great landscapes and garden, unique furniture and great lightings systems. Kitchen and BBQ equipments are provied. Great parking lot. If you like to do cycling and would like to see more lembang and sorroundings by bicycle,You could hire our bicyles. So,when you are staying at BLV villa,you will feel that you are staying at your special PRIVATE holiday house. See you soon and enjoy your stay

Eco Retreat Villa

Eco Retreat Villa, our motto for providing accommodation during your trip in Bandung